The Ugly Teapot (spoiler free!!)

This is a review of The Ugly Teapot by Fred Holmes.

I was sent this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Content Rating ★★★★★

Writing Style Rating: ★★


This is the synopsis as it appears on Goodreads:

Fourteen-year-old Hannah Bradbury loved her father so much that she worried about him constantly. After all, he was a photographer who traveled to the most dangerous places in the world.  To allay her fears, each time he came home he brought her silly gifts, each one with supposed magical powers: the Seal of Solomon, the Ring of Gyges, even Aladdin’s Lamp. It was that lamp Hannah found the most unbelievable, for it looked like an ugly teapot. Nevertheless, her father assured her it was real, and made her promise to save her three wishes for something very special.  Then . . . six months later . . . the unthinkable happened. Her father was killed while on assignment to Baghdad. And so on the day of his funeral Hannah did something she never thought she would ever do.  She took out that teapot and gave it a rub . . .  The Ugly Teapot by Fred Holmes is a timeless tale, filled with magic and adventure. More importantly, it will make you believe in the overwhelming power of love.

This middle grade book was a fantastic read! I very much enjoyed the author’s writing style (and story, of course). I am 22 and fully confident that everyone who enjoys a good adventure will love this book! 🙂

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about this story in case you decide to read the book, but I’d like to talk a bit about the extremely creative ending. (NO SPOILERS!! I promise.) First, as you know, this story follows Hannah’s many adventures as she sets out on the harrowing journey to rescue her father. The story is cheesy in only the best ways! It’ll make you laugh, gasp, and hold your breath from the suspense. Then, you reach the final 30 pages (give or take). And those final 30 pages change your entire outlook on the book.

‘Nuf said! Have fun. 😉

Okay, but seriously! This book made me laugh; then it made me cry. (And that takes TALENT because this is a middle grade book and I’m 22…) And then…ah, but that would be a spoiler. And I am SO determined to not spoil this book for you!! Which means this review is a lot shorter than my reviews usually are. Really though, go read this book! It was super good and you absolutely don’t have to be middle grade to enjoy it. 🙂 It’s an easy 5 stars. I can’t wait to read the next book!

(NOTE: The break-down below is in comparison to other middle grade books. It is not reviewed in comparison to YA literature.)

Content (10= extremely high focus; 0=non existent)
Adventure content: 7
Creepiness content: 4
Grief content: 6
Language content: 0
Religion content: 2
Romance content: 1
Sexual content: 0
Violence content: 5

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