The Perils of Bookstagramming/Blogging

If you're a bookstagrammer or blogger, you probably already know what I'm talking about. BURNOUT. Ugh, it is so easy to get burned out from bookstagramming and/or blogging! I do everything I can to avoid it, but it still happens. I can't help but liken bookstagramming/blogging to running in front of a moving train... At … Continue reading The Perils of Bookstagramming/Blogging

A Beginner’s Guide To Bookstagramming

The majority of my most popular blog posts have centered around bookstagramming tips, so I decided to write a concise guide to beginner's bookstagramming. This way people don't have to hunt through ALL my (enormous number of) bookstagramming posts when all they really want is some quick tips. 😉 So without further ado (and in … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide To Bookstagramming

Organization: The “Why To” and “How To”

The key to successful bookstagramming, many bookstagrammers will agree, is being organized. Why is organization important?  1. Being organized makes it far easier to not fall behind on photoshoots. If you schedule time for a weekly photoshoot, you will be pretty much guaranteed to always have a photo on hand. 2. You can record your inspirations. … Continue reading Organization: The “Why To” and “How To”