Review Policy

General Information

To contact me for a review, you can either email me at or contact me via any of the social media sites on my sidebar.

I accept physical book copies and kindle books. Physical copies will be featured on my Instagram page. (Go here to see examples of how your book could be featured!)

I am no longer accepting self-published books.


I prefer to read books aimed at either Middle Grade or Young Adult, although I do occasionally read New Adult literature.

I am currently accepting from these fiction genres:


I am not accepting from these genres:

Non Fiction (although I may make an exception if it sounds particularly fascinating)
Adult Fiction

Other Information

The time it takes for me to review a book depends on how many previous review requests I have, the length of the book, etc. I review books in the order I receive them. I will do my very best to review your book in a timely manner. If a particular deadline is requested, I will have the review finished by then. ARC’s will be reviewed before the release date in order to promote hype.


My reviews are always honest and not influenced by anyone else. If I give your book a negative review, I will always say why (as opposed to simply saying I didn’t like it). My detailed rating system allows me to make it clear what I did and didn’t enjoy about a book. So if my main reason for not enjoying your books was, say, the number of typos, that will be evident from my review. I always point out what I did enjoy about a book!

I employ a casual style when writing reviews because I find that my readers are more likely to read the entire post (unlike when I used a more formal reviewing style). If your book contained enough technical/writing errors that it detracted from the reading experience, I am likely to point that out in my review.

All reviews are posted on both my blog and Goodreads. If you specifically wish for a review to be placed on Amazon, please mention that in your email and I will post there, as well.